Get Best Car Deal With Long Island Infiniti

Today automobile industry is growing with a rapid pace and every automobile manufacturer is striving to offer people the best combination of striking models and luxury. Having every luxurious thing is the biggest dream for everyone, luxury cars are one of those things. Almost everybody dream to own and drive a lavish car but not everyone can afford to buy a luxury car due to high rate of these cars. If you are also one of those car lovers who dream to own and drive most striking models then what else can be as fascinating as luxury cars. The cars perfectly showcase the charismatic combination of luxury and style; perhaps this is the reason why more and more car lovers go for luxury cars like Infiniti. So have you made up your mind for buying the most happening model of luxury cars? If yes, then long island dealers are a great option to get the best car deal.

Long island Infiniti helps to materialize every dream of all car lovers, as it has a variety of models with various color and service scheme. At this place one can get the most happening models of cars as Nissan, the manufacturer of this range of cars keeps on launching new models and only genuine dealers have the authority to sell them initially. Another big benefit of buying car from it is that you get reasonable services during guarantee period as it ensures a car owner for original parts whenever the car needs replacement of any damaged part. As per you faith in luck, if you have decided over any particular color which is lucky for you then you can be rest assured that long island dealer will never let you down.

The entire range of cars offer promising performance and luxury; it has style and caliber to fascinate every car lover therefore, people from all over the world are buying this car to enjoy power and luxury. If you are desperate to own any model but restraining your self just because of high cost of these cars then make a quick decision of buying a luxury car as these dealers are there to help you. So what if you are running out of cash, you can also materialize your dream with long island showrooms as they offer you excellent loan proposals to buy a luxury car.

People who do not have adequate information about latest models of this range can also get valuable information though leaflets; these leaflets contain reviews, showcase and genuine testimonials of all models so that a car lover may get help in deciding over any model. All the Long Island dealers provide customer with these leaflets to know what their dream car is going to offer them. Infiniti car dealers offer cars that really suit every budget so that one may never have to worry about finance while realizing their long cherished dream. Therefore, do not get left behind and realized your long cherished dream with best dealer to have a delighting drive on your own luxury car.

Negotiating the Best Car Deal – 1st You Must Understand One Thing

The one thing you must understand to negotiate the best car deal for yourself is what kind of purchasing power you have, specifically what kind of car buyer are you. I have broken this down into 3 categories; The Player, The Average Consumer, and The Get Me Done. Since there are too many variables in purchasing a vehicle I will focus on the most common for consumers, which is PAYMENT.

To determine which one you are, here is what separates the three:

The Player – 760+ FICO/Credit Score, you can buy what ever you want. You generally have enough money in the bank to reach whatever payment you desire.

The Average Consumer – 640 to 759 FICO/Credit Score, you have good purchasing power. You are generally on a budget so payment is key because you do not want sacrifice your other luxuries in your everyday life. You also have some money down to HELP reach that target payment.

The Get Me Done – 639 or less FICO/Credit Score, you are what your title suggests in most cases and are at the mercy of the Car Dealership and Financing Departments. The banks are going to specify a certain amount that they will allow you to finance, if you are over that amount because of the vehicle you chose then you will have to make up the difference with money down, and generally averages out to about 25% of the MSRP or sticker price.

These are basic guidelines to help you when purchasing a vehicle. Now with the knowledge of what kind of purchasing power you have, the car dealerships and financing departments will NOT be able to push you around in there traditional ways. That’s what most consumers fear about car salesmen anyway, that they will drive off the lot in a car they don’t like or want, with a payment they can’t afford. This brings me to the definition of negotiating the BEST car deal for yourself.

You know you negotiated the best car deal for yourself when, You are driving off the lot in a vehicle you like at a payment you want and can afford!

It IS that simple. I hate to break the news to you but somebody else, some where will have bought the same vehicle for less or a lower payment, etc. Who Cares – You Shouldn’t. Don’t worry about the many other variables at the end, or after you have driven off the lot, because if the definition of negotiating the best car deal applies to you – then you have accomplished your goal and you have WON! That’s what it’s all about anyway.

David Peve has been a successful sales person for 18 years and counting, 5 of those years were spent as the top salesman in both New and Pre-Owned vehicles at 2 different Car Dealerships, before moving on to bigger opportunities. I have several other articles on making purchasing vehicles easier through understanding how a car deal works, with tips and techniques for the average consumer.

The Power of the Best Car Deal

Car dealers will do their dead level best to get you to buy a car from them that day.


Because it drives the sales managers nuts to think that every day that goes by that you’re not at their dealership, you may be at a competitors dealership buying your next car.

Getting the car deal is in large part about you staying in control of the entire car buying process and having the ability to walk away is your number one defense and weapon. So don’t give it up.

Car dealers will even offer to find and get the car that you are looking for if they don’t have the precise one that you want on their lot. If this comes up, remember that in order for the dealer to make a swap with another dealer and go get the car, there is going to be some type of expense incurred by the dealer in order to accomplish this. Because of this, it may make it a bit more difficult to get your absolute best car deal under this scenario, so you may want to leave and find your car at another dealer.

Keep in mind that a dealer would much rather reduce their actual on hand inventory and therefore you may find it easier path to a good car deal if you negotiate on a car the dealer does have sitting on their lot.

Now here comes the part where most all car buyers make a critical negotiating error.

You’ve done all your homework and you’ve finally found the car you want to work a deal on and it’s on dealer’s lot.

The salesperson puts everything together and then invites you to make an offer… do not make an offer.

Don’t be the first one to offer up a number. The rule of thumb when it comes to negotiating your best car deal is… whoever speaks first… loses. So let them start the negotiating process.

Tell them that you want their absolute bottom line, out the door, price.

Have all your research and paperwork in hand. In fact, you carry with you a little folder of all your information on the pricing of the car itself. This will send a very strong signal that you know what you’re talking about, you are a serious buyer, and that you know how to go about getting your best car deal.

Don’t be afraid to tell them that if they do in fact produce the best car deal that you can find, that will will be buying a car from them. Which you will, because that’s the whole goal here.

But make no mistake about it, the salesperson should be well aware that you are not only an informed buyer, but you will also be shopping around. So, the numbers they offer you, better hold your attention.

When to Buy a Car For the Best Car Deal

Buying a car is a process and not one to be taken lightly because leaving out or skipping a few details can cause you to spend much more money than you need to spend. One of those details is when to buy a car. After being in the car business for many years you come to understand the process and why some car buyers pay thousands of dollars more for the same car than others. There are many ways that this can happen, but the one I want to tell you about is timing or when to buy a car.

The automobile retail business operates on a monthly basis, meaning that everything they do, sell, finance and pay their employees revolves around their monthly performance. Sales goals, bonuses, commissions and salesman pay plans are calculated by the month. Therefore each month the sales staff, including the sales managers starts out at zero and everyone is on the same page. In the car business it doesn’t matter what you sold last month or last year, the only thing that matters is what you sold this month. For this reason when to buy a car for the best deal can make a difference.

When a new month starts out in the business of selling cars there is a little sigh of relief that the month is over and the new month is starting. The stress level is lower for the salesmen and sales managers because they are not looking at their sales and trying to figure out how to reach their goals by the end of the month. This is one aspect on why when to buy a car is important, but not the only reason.

The car dealership, much like any other business depends on the flow of traffic that comes through their showroom. So the first week of the month the sales people and sales managers are more focused on making larger profits on each car they sell rather than how many cars they sell. However there is a drawback to this mentality because if they try to too hard to make big profits they are likely to sell fewer cars.

Why When to Buy a Car Matters

If it is a good day and the dealer has been making profitable sales throughout the day they are likely to be more choosy about what car deals they will make and more likely to pass on the small margin deals. On the other hand, if it has been a slow day at the car dealership because floor traffic is light and very few sales have been made, the attitude of the sales manager on duty starts to go from picky to desperate. The sales manager never wants to tell the car dealership owner that they only sold 2 or 3 cars or even worst that they blanked (no cars sold). Rather than blank or have to report that very few cars were sold on a particular day the sales manager will do almost anything to sell a car. So you can see that the end of a slow day at the car dealership it matters when you buy a car. The best car deals for the dealer are made early and the best car deals for the buyer are made late and obviously when to buy a car.

Days and Times When to Buy a Car

Now the question is how you know when the automobile dealer is having a slow day or a busy day. Traditionally the slowest days for the auto dealer are Tuesday and Wednesday, but his is not cast in stone. I have seen busy Tuesdays and Wednesdays at the dealership, but they are few and far between. Saturdays are typically the busiest days unless you reside in a state where the car dealers are open on Sunday and then they are busy both days because most people have time on the weekend and not considered the best for when to buy a car. Coming in as the second busiest are Mondays and Fridays, They aren’t as busy as the weekend, but for some reason they can come close at times to the number of sales as Saturday and Sunday which are not the best days when to buy a car.

That leaves us with three slower days for when to buy a car and I have already talked about all of them except Thursday. Thursday seems to be a hit or miss day for the car business, sometimes good and sometimes weak. For my money I choose Tuesday or Wednesday for the best car deal if at all possible. Now if the end of the month happens to fall on those days you can really hit the jackpot. You have the two slowest days of the week and you can profit from the month end push of the car dealership to increase their volume.

Like I mentioned earlier about monthly sales pay plans and bonuses, the last few days of the month can really help you get the best deal on a car. At the end of the month your car salesman and the sales manager always want to add a few more cars to their sales because their commission and bonuses can increase dramatically, that’s when to buy a car. The end of the month always sells more cars than the beginning of the month, whether it is from the attitude and the desire to increase their bonuses and paychecks (most likely) or the fact that the dealerships has more traffic either way you stand your best chance of getting the best car deal when you buy a car at the end of the calendar month.

You may have heard that December is when to buy a car, but there is a flaw to that theory. The people that sell the cars and make the deals are paid based on their monthly performance and not their yearly performance. Therefore the car salesmen, auto sales women, sales managers and finance managers are the most motivated to sell a car when their pay is on the line, which is the end of every month. You now have all the reason, logic and information about when to buy a car and get a great deal. So come on down, have I got a great car deal for you!